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Guitar teacher in Bradford on Avon for electric, acoustic and bass guitar.

All ages and levels welcome.

All styles and techniques covered.

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I started Blake's Guitar Tuition in 2005, and have been teaching guitar lessons in Bradford on Avon since 2008. I still breath the guitar and music after many years of playing and my passion to pass on my knowledge is ever growing.

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   Guitar Lessons

in Bradford on Avon


I began Blake’s Guitar Tuition in 2005 riding my bike around Bath, guitar on my back with a pocket map. I now offer guitar tuition in Bradford-on-Avon. I teach in my purpose built home studio, Christchurch Primary School and St Laurence Secondary School in Bradford on Avon. The journey has been wonderful as have all the students!


I teach using song based learning, as well as the Rockschool grade syllabus. I teach all ages; my youngest is currently thumping away the bass line to "Hit the Road Jack"!


Using my own catalogue of hundreds of well known songs I tailor a student's lesson plan according to their age, level and goals, often months in advance. I am also constantly working out new songs, keeping up with how music is evolving and teaching requests. Most students love to learn a song they know.


     We all learn better when we're having fun, regardless of age, so when I'm teaching a guitar lesson I have two main objectives: have fun and get better. It's been working well so far! I still find it so exciting to see how suprised and pleased most students are to discover playing a lot of well known songs is a lot easier than they think.


I'm very grateful to the people of Bradford on Avon as I am able to make a living doing something I love. The small community of students and parents I am a part of is always changing and evolving. I have students who think they'll never be able to play who end up strumming their favourite songs to a small crowd as part of a workshop. I teach students who go on to play bigger gigs than I ever did myself. I've had adults who have been playing longer than myself think you can't teach an old dog new tricks - turns out you can! One student of mine has had lessons for nine years - he is literally growing up with me and becoming such a great accomplished and independent musician.


Please get in touch if you would like me to teach you guitar lessons in Bradford on Avon.

   I started playing guitar at the age of 12, although I wanted to play when I was 8! I started out on a Westone Thunder I bass guitar given to me by a family friend. I had a friend who had been playing guitar a while, and I was promised a place in his band (that never formed!) if I learned bass. I remember learning to play along with NOFX and Nirvana tracks by ear. We also had an old 3/4 size steel string acoustic with 4 strings and only 2 working machine heads. I managed to tune it to an open tuning using a spanner and played one fingered versions of Polly and Smells Like Teen Spirit. I learnt all my first chords by watching another friend play every day and playing his Mexican Telecaster. So it soon became clear that I was to move on to the guitar. To this day playing bass gives me a much more rounded approach to music


        I got bought a Vintage Telecaster copy (which has now been modified into a lapsteel!) and a Peavey Rage amp, and it all pretty much went from there!





Sam Blake guitar teacher/guitar lessons Bradford on Avon

56 Downs View, BA15 1PN - 07775 847 990

                 sam@blakesguitartuition.co.uk - www.blakesguitartuition.co.uk

   I am a self taught guitarist, I learnt to play by watching others and listening to songs and working them out by ear. I never had the internet or many music books, or even guitar lessons myself. I guess one of the main reasons I managed to progress was by having the initiative and confidence to try to play anything I felt I could pickup, as well as putting in hours each day. At the same time there was a lot of stuff I didn't pick up until later, if I had been given lessons then I would have been shown what direction to head a lot sooner.


     Anyway I wrote songs and sang them, and formed Young Leonardos when I was in lower sixth at Beechen Cliff School. We played our first gig at The Porter Butt in Bath and went on to make pennies (you can listen to Young Leonardos on the Music page, or go to our old myspace page www.myspace.com/youngleonardos).


     I started teaching guitar in 2005 at Sounds International in Bath, where I worked in sales for three years. From here I built up the guitar tuition business in Bath, and started teaching in Bradford on Avon in 2008.


     I started the B.G.T Summer Rockschool in 2007, offering band workshops, where students write and record their own songs. In Christmas 2008 I did a workshop called "Rockin' Round the Xmas Tree", where the students made a song and a video(see my "Videos" page for more)!


     I played with Young Leonardos for 5 years singing lead vocals and playing guitar. I also played session guitar for In The Void on the Butterfly E.P.


     I record all my own music, make all my own videos, and design all my promotional material and websites, all thanks to the internet and modern technology!

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Sam Blake - guitar teacher in Bradford on Avon