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     This is a two and a half hour one to one guitar session.


     Think of it as simply a long guitar lesson (most students take 30 minutes weekly) that you would take as often as you please. Many students pay for weekly lessons and are unable to practise in between, therefore they do not get the most out of both their lessons or money as they would, in theory, always be spending the next lesson relearning material from the week before.


     So if you were to take a long guitar lesson, covering a vast amount of material, you could learn it in your own time and book a following session when you feel you are ready to move on. Thus effective use of both lesson time and money!


     The guitar players I take for these sessions usually are unable to commit to weekly lessons (or I am unable to fit them in my timetable anymore), or unable to make effective practise between lessons. Many are also at an ability of playing where they do not need the same guidance to learn the fundamentals of playing, but need the occasional session to help with what they can't do by themselves, or to be shown what they otherwise wouldn't come across by themselves. I often act as a mentor advising a player as to what they need to do as opposed to showing them how to do it.


     The content of the session varies depends entirely on your ability and your goals.



BGT One2One Sessions

     All sheet music and music/backing tracks will be provided, as well as tea/coffee and cake! Parts of the lesson may be filmed for later viewing so you can see and hear parts of the session you may have forgotten, or to get a more "real" idea by hearing and seeing it (see video on the right).


     You can also be given a practise routine so you can manage your time at home for effective practise.


     It is a great chance to spend a great deal of time with an experienced musician and tutor who can specialise in assessing your goals and help you achieve them. I can set you material to keep you progessing steadily for months, and when you feel ready you can choose to take up another session. This makes much more effective use of your money than paying for weekly lessons and not finding the time to practise in between lessons.


     The cost of a session is £82.50, taking place in the Shed of Rock, Bradford on Avon, BA15 1PN.


     If you would like to buy a session as a gift please let me know as I can send you an E-voucher.


     To book or find out more please get in touch via the contact link at the top of this page. Payment arrangments and session a date will be arranged to suit both parties.

     Below is a video made during one of my sessions. I demonstrate the material covered in the session, followed by an example of how to apply the material learnt musically. Then the student recalls the material effectively.

     The video took less than three minutes from the session, and provides an invaluable resource for practising at home.

 Below is a typical example of the structure of a session:


  • Assessment of ability and goals 

  • 2-4 Well known songs/own choice songs

  • Scale and technique exercises

  • Improvisation concepts

  • Practise routines 

     This example could be for both a beginner or more intermediate/advanced player. I have taught complete beginners where we are learning basic priniples such as first scales and chords and reading music. I have also taught more advanced players who will spend much of the session learning advanced soloing techniques.

Sam Blake in the studio Sam Blake in the studio