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  I started the BGT Summer Rockschool in 2007. Many young musicians spend a long time learning an instrument but rarely have the opportunity to put their skills to good use in a band.


   For me playing in a band has always been the most fulfilling part of playing an instrument. It really gives you a goal and purpose to your playing.


   The BGT Summer Rockschool allows young musicians to come together and play as a real band, with a complete professional backline.

BGT Summer Rockschool 2017!

BGT Summer Rockschool 2017 dates:


Group A - 1-4 years experience:

7-9th Aug 9:30am-12:30pm



Group B - 4+ years experience:

7-9th Aug 1:30-4:30pm



Group C - 1-4 years experience:

14-16th Aug 9:30am-12:30pm



Group D - 4+ years experience:

14-16th Aug 1:30-4:30pm


Workshop Structure:


DAY 1:

Meet up and warm up. Come up with band name and start jamming songs together.


DAY 2:

Refine songs from day 1. Learn how to improvise solos. More in depth on how to interact together. Learn about song structure and texture.


DAY 3:

Summarising, recapping and building on all material learnt. Stage set up and performance to parents.

Workshops take place at Christchurch School, BA15 1ST.


Places are limited to 6 per group at £90 per person.


Please book or enquire below.

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  Groups are usually around six people, playing guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard through the same equipment I would use to play real gigs in real venues; that means big and loud!  


  We aim to look at what it's like to play together; how to interact and listen to each other whilst focusing on your own playing. Ultimately we simply have fun making a great sound!


  For many players it will be the first time they have played in a band. It is an extremely rewarding experience that will hone their musical skills.

For guitarists, bassist, drummers and keyboardists aged 7-16.

BGT Summer Rockschool Workshops 2016 Getting ready for the performance! Iron Kor rockin' down the house in 2016! Guitar, drums, bass and keyboard workshops in Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire with Sam Blake Jamming it out in the Wiltshire Music Centre

  For more advanced players that have had some band experience it will bring a different approach having an experienced tutor to guide them, building on their current knowledge to advance them further.

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